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Guided E-Bike Tour

E-Bike Guiding

This time, I took a guided tour on one of our e-bikes with the guys from Sport Lohmann.

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Guided E-Bike Tours

You can book pre-defined tours via the Ötztal Tourism Agency or you can choose a private guided tour.

More information about the routes and booking details can be found at

Guided E-Bike Tours

There is no bad weather

... only bad clothing!

That's a matter of fact. Nevertheless, we decided to speed up to arrive at our destination before the rain came. Schönwieshütte cabin is always a sublime place to enjoy nature at its best in Ötztal Valley. By the way, this is also the place from where we shot our website pics.

In any case, you should know your e-bike to avoid accidents. It's best to practice the so-called 'attack position' beforehand. For braking, we use a 50/50 ratio, which means that you use the front and back brakes to the same extent.

and all of a sudden

... it's clearing up!

Oh well, we forgot about time. Happens when you are having a good conversation with good food. We really wanted to arrive before the thunderstorm came but we were just too slow. But hey. We won't melt! 

can also be done with good weather

From Schönwieshütte to Langtalereckhütte

About half an hour past Schönwieshütte cabin is Langtalereckhütte cabin, which is definitely worth a visit. The views from beneath the glaciers are simply breath-taking. 

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