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Your safety is our utmost concern at Chalet Obergurgl, Trattoria Brunello and Hotel Alpenblume.


boostered, recovered, or 2 Vaccinations plus PCR

Your safety is our first and foremost priority. As the first property in Obergurgl, we decided to go one step further.

Top-level safety: boostered or recovered.

This means that at all our properties, Chalet Obergurgl, Trattoria Brunello and Hotel Alpenblume, access is only allowed for people who are fully vaccinated with a vaccine that is approved in the EU or who have an official proof (by public authorities) of recovery, both confirmed with a QR code in the Green Passport. Rapid tests, recovery certificates without official signature or QR code will not be accepted.

In the summer of 2021, the vast majority (more than 95% of our guests) of our guests were either fully vaccinated or had already received their first shot, which allowed us to have an 'almost normal' summer season. This is going to be our starting point for the winter time. 

What Exactly does this mean?

  • You can upload your proof of vaccination before arrival. We will prepare everything for you to avoid waiting times at the reception. 
  • People vaccinated with Biontech/Pfizer, Astra Zeneca and Moderna vaccines must have received two shots.
  • One shot suffices for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
  • Sputnik, Sinopharm, etc. are, unfortunately, not (yet) approved in the EU.
  • Any proof of vaccination or recovery is only valid if it is an official document from a public authority containing a QR code.
  • Proof of antibodies without confirmation/signature from public authorities will not be accepted.
  • According to the Austrian Ministry of Health, children up to the age of 12 are exempt from this rule. We adhere to the currently applicable guidelines of our government.
  • Once you have shown your proof of vaccination or recovery to us, you will receive a wristband (if you wish) so that you don't have to show your QR code anymore when you enter one of our properties.
  • Cable cars are considered public transport in Austria. It is therefore mandatory to wear FFP2 masks in SKI LIFTS.
  • In Cable cars is a need for the 2G Rule (double vaccinated or recovered). Also for children from 12 years.


We are afraid not. Safety first!

  • I forgot my proof of vaccination or recovery at home. Can't you make an exception? I am sure nobody will notice. 
    Unfortunately not. We therefore recommend uploading your documents prior to arrival. Proof of vaccination or recovery must be presented at check-in at the latest to receive access to our properties.
  • My child is 8 years old and needs to be tested at a test centre. What do I need to do?
    You can arrange an appointment for testing at a test centre close to Obergurgl (usually in the neighbouring town of Sölden or Obergurgl) at These tests are currently free of charge and paid for by the government. Nevertheless, our government will force vaccination and reduce the number of tests.
  • I don't agree with these rules. What can we do?
    We know that not everybody will be happy with this decision. But we are convinced that there are more solutions than problems. We will certainly find one together.
  • You certainly won't leave me out in the cold once I am there. I will just travel without any proof of vaccination or recovery to see what happens.
    It might be unpopular, but we insist on having proof of vaccination or recovery. If need really be, we will leave you out in the cold. All other guests and all members of staff have presented their proof, too. We are not willing to risk another shutdown of our property because of 'isolated cases'.

    Safety first is our guiding principle. And this is what we build on.

Gurgl is A Safe Place

Our geographical location at the end of Ötztal Valley means that we are in a better position than other ski resorts. 

It is simply too far for day travellers to come to Gurgl for one day of skiing only, which is a great advantage for us!

Gurgl is A Safe Place


A total of 112 kilometres of piste are waiting for you. 

25 state-of-the-art lifts with a total capacity of over 42,000 people per hour make sure that wintersport fans can hit the slopes without having to wait. Gurgl has a maximum capacity of 5,000 people. 



Nobody wanted to have this pandemic. But we all have to deal with it, trying to make sure that all of our lives are as normal as possible. 

We are happy that you are taking on this journey together with us and that we can finally have a great time together again.

All the best for you,

Manuel Ribis


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