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First Timmelsjoch Mountain Pass Crossing 2021

First Timmelsjoch Mountain Pass Crossing 2021

Off to a 'coffee tour' to Italy. On two wheels, of course!


♪♫♪♫ TAKE A LISTEN ♪♫♪♫


... it's nice to see borders open!

The time has come. The Timmelsjoch mountain pass is finally open again and the border between Austria and Italy can be crossed. As almost every year, we take a cycle tour heading to South Tyrol to visit our friends at Hochfirst guesthouse for lunch and to enjoy Italian ice-cream in Merano if the weather permits.

... off we go!


Says Robert, the toll booth guy at Timmelsjoch pass. 

I met Robert on the way. Every year he shows the snow blowers where to go, making sure that they find and clear the road. 

Was there more snow this year? Not really, says Robert. But it was more difficult to cut through because the snow cover was different in different places. But, as always, withing 6 or 7 weeks they managed to achieve the 'breakthrough'.

uniform snow cover

Mid-June is winter at Timmelsjoch pass.

This area is a place of memory, a place of experience where we take a look into the past. This route has always been a vibrant place for trade between the North and the South. You can go through all points of 'Timmelsjoch experience' right here free of charge. It is a truly informative and valuable experience. More information ca be found at

finally there

Second gear? No way!

Cycling right through the gigantic snow walls is always a breathtaking experience. But as Robert said, it is not the same every year. You can only imagine how much it takes to cut through these massive amounts of snow. Heavy machinery or not, it is a long way to go.

Time for lunch!

Lunch TIME

Long time no see!

This is what we have been waiting for all winter! Reuniting with our friends on the other side of the mountains and enjoying my favourite food, 'shepherd's macaroni'. Christian opted for Wiener Schnitzel – a children's portion. Well, enough to wrap it around a child for sure ... Yummy! 

This is where you can find Hochfirst guesthouse, always worth a visit!

Meanwhile, we are travelling on to our final destination of the day – Merano.


Gelato si, espressi no!

Merano (German: Meran) used to be the capital of the province of Tyrol for many centuries and has been a renowned health resort since the middle of the 19th century. Even Austrian's empress Sissi knew that. We recommend using the underground car park at Terme Merano (not the cheapest, we know). From there, you can take stroll along Sissi's Path to Trauttmansdorff Castle with its beautiful gardens.

Allora: time for ice-cream!

Well, we never managed to get our coffee. Apparently, the coffee machine didn't work. That's all we know ... :-). Whatever; it's been a great day. You can get more information on this trip (starting and ending at Chalet Obergurgl) and further insider tips at our reception.

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