Rettenbach and Tiefenbach ski resorts now open!

Good news! The Rettenbach and Tiefenbach glacier ski areas are now open. Your glacier ski adventure is a mere 20- or 30-minute car ride away (well, depending on the driver, of course :-)).

If only i had thought of ski servicing

12 October 2019

In order to get the most out of my first day hitting the slopes, I should have brought my skis to the ski servicing guys. But what am I saying – preach into the choir ...

Congratulations to Mr Kipchoge who completed the Vienna City Marathon in under two hours today. INCREDIBLE!

Enjoy the video! The ski club theme of the day might be of interest to you ...

Just like our ski club instructor used to say back in the day, "Kids, always make sure to lean your skis against the other cars."

:-) ... Right he was ... :-)

Do AS the locals do!

The traditional Ski World Cup Opening will take place from 25 to 27 October in Sölden. Thousands of people, including the world's best athletes, are looking forward to an exciting World Cup season!

Do as the locals do!
And the locals recommend taking the shuttle bus from Sölden to the glacier stadium. There is no easier and smoother way to get to the Ski World Cup. ??

booking code: "Worldcup"

Using the booking code "worldcup", you will receive the same benefits as last year.

  • 10% discount on purchased ski passes
  • 10% discount on purchased entry tickets
  • 10% discount on your apartment rate

memories from last year

2018 Ski World Cup Opening

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