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Corona 2020 – one month after the shutdown.

Corona 2020 – one month after the shutdown

It has not been a whole lot of fun, for nobody. A report from Tyrol.

wednesday, 15 april 2020

And all of a sudden, things started to change.

Whatever ... It's still far away. It won't affect us anyway, we disinfect everything, just like we always do, and either way it's just a flue or something. Phrases like these could also be heard at Chalet Obergurgl. That was before the winter season came to a sudden end due to government restrictions. 

Where should our guests go? Will everybody get home safe and sound? Do we also have cases of Corona infections at our Chalet? What about our staff? Will our valley also be declared a zone region just like other winter sport areas?

It has not been a whole lot of fun. A challenging situation we have all had do deal with together. Yet we fully support and understand the measures taken by our government – even if this means staying in quarantine for another two weeks.

It feels a bit like being cut off by an avalanche. At least, postal services are working.

However, we are confident looking into the future. We look forward to being able to reopen our doors and we are already preparing Chalet Obergurgl for your next stay with us!

Social Distancing

When we started working on our "Chalet Obergurgl project", privacy and exclusivity ranked high on our agenda.

Because for us, luxury means having all the space you need for yourself. Every bedroom features a private bathroom – topped off with trendy Alpine design.

It's also no big fuss to avoid other people even when all our apartments are fully booked.

You can rent the pool exclusively for yourself for one hour and reach your apartment without meeting anybody else.

Our check-in is also available as web check-in.

Social Distancing

images from 15 April 2020

One month after the shutdown

would you be able to ski at all after easter?

But of course! To be honest, conditions are even better than on other days this year.

Now days are getting longer. At this time of the year, you usually hit the slopes early in the morning and ski until early afternoon.

Then it's time to find a good spot in the sun and enjoy the day.

PRIVACY TIP: You are all by yourself on your balcony!

OUR Cops :-)

Thanks a lot to our cop Luigi, who made an "I am from Austria" drive through Obergurgl to thank the people for staying home.

Our highlight on 22nd March 2020

here we go again.

In the beginning it seemed, or rather we hoped, that quarantine restrictions would be lifted soon. But our government's evaluation crashed these hopes right on the spot. What a reality check!

The result: another 14 days of quarantine.

Our new INDEPENDENCE DAY is now scheduled for 26 April 2020.

allowed to go home!

14 days in quarantine

It's the same for all of us. Quarantine is quarantine. Even though some of my staff members might have to go in quarantine yet again once they return to their homes in Hungary, it's easy to see that they are looking forward to being home with their families.

Once we actually held the official permit to leave in our hands, we could start planning their departure. We would like to use this opportunity to thank Maria from the municipal authorities in Sölden. It all worked out well!

Hopefully our lives will soon become a bit more enjoyable. For now, the Ribis family and Zoltan stay at home at Chalet Obergurgl. By the way, all Corona tests from Sölden came back negative, which means that nobody had or has the virus. What a relief!

We look forward to welcoming Marta, Veronika and Emma again soon. Safe travels there and back again, stay safe!

escorted home BY police

From Sölden, they were brought back home to Hungary with police protection – non-stop, of course. It's better to spend the 800 kilometres of travel distance to Budapest in a spacious coach than in a small car ...

Bon voyage, my dear employees!

get through it and stay brave


23. April 2020 - 0.00 END OF SPECIALQUARANTINE

Suddenly it feels much better!

Normally it should be Sunday, 26. April 2020 to end the quarantine. But we got it some days before. So it became Thursday, 23. April 2020 at 0.00 Uhr. The avalanche Barrier at the Checkpoint Aschbach got opened.

I was able to share this historic moment with Luigi Moser from the Police in Soelden.

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