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Corona Safety Rules

Corona Safety Rules at Chalet Obergurgl

We stick to the rules. Here are our top ten.

our 10 Corona Safety Rules

We have always cared about social distancing, not only in Corona times. We would like to introduce you to our Corona measures as we have to follow the rules, too.

  1. We keep a distance of a minimum of one metre to other people who we do not share the household with.
  2. There are four different points of access to our building. Should one be "busy", we simply use another one or wait a moment until there is more space.
  3. When accessing the building, we all have to wear face masks, unfortunately.
  4. We would like to avoid spontaneous crowds at the reception. A phone call can be really helpful. This is our number: +43 5256 6363
  5. Let's use the web check-in at our website. This helps us to prepare your registration and the key cards.
  6. We use the provided disinfectant.
  7. This is really painful, but shaking hands and hugging are not allowed at the moment. But there are other ways to welcome each other.
  8. We will continue to empty your garbage bins and ventilate your apartment. If you want us to fluff up your beds every day, please let us know.
  9. There is enough space in the pool and spa area so that everybody can keep their distance. Actually, Chalet Obergurgl is a supersize place, which means that you will also be able to keep your distance in the pool. And time and time again there is nobody in the spa area. Why not use these times?

    Should you still feel uncomfortable, we recommend coming back at a later point in time. We will not control the access and count on your sense of responsibility.
  10. Should we show signs of an illness, we stay at home and call a doctor. The health hotline 1450 is there to help.
    We do not allow the situation to ruin our holidays. We all have to stick to the rules. By being positive and respecting each other we can do it!

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