Excursions in Ötztal

Historic sites, natural spectacle and landmarks

Various historic eras and events have left their traces in the Ötztal Alps and invite you to a foray into history. Besides the archaeological finds of the Stone Age and the site where Ötzi the glacier mummy was found, you can encounter numerous other monuments, museums and geological sites of interest in the Ötztal. Beyond Ötztal, trips to Innsbruck or Merano are always worth a journey as both cities are only about 1.5 hours away by car from Chalet Obergurgl.

Local history and testimonies from Ötztal's more recent history

With the rise of alpinism in the early 20th century, Ötztal developed from a region marked by agriculture to a major holiday resort. Many towns still show traces of the olden times and are definitely worth a visit during your holiday in Obergurgl:

  • Oetz Tower Museum exhibits a comprehensive collection of pictures and paintings that show the Ötztal Alps from their most interesting and best side.
  • The local museum in Lehn-Längenfeld tells you about peasant life and the working and living conditions of old times up until the 1950s.
  • The old town centre in Oetz is another highlight you should not miss out on. It's an old clustered village with a unique architectural flair.
  • In Obergurgl centre you will find the Piccard monument which is a reminder of Professor Auguste Piccard's crash landing on Gurgl Ferner glacier on 27th May 1931. The successful rescue of the explorer, who was the first to reach the stratosphere in a balloon, caused a sensation throughout the world.

Rofenhöfe and suspension bridge in Vent

Ca. 2km above Vent, at 2,014m altitude, you will find the Rofenhöfe, where you can visit the famous Haflinger horse farm. Close to the stables there is a 46-meter-long suspension bridge which leads across the Rofnerschlucht ravine at a dizzying height.

Traces of the Stone Age

Umhausen, the Ötzi village, dedicates itself to Ötztal's probably most famous man and the times in which he lived. In 1991, the discovery of Ötzi the glacier mummy caused a sensation that continued with various other finds dating back to the 4th millennium BC. The site where Ötzi was found can be visited on Hauslabjoch. Another find from the Stone Age is the hollow stone near Vent, a huge beetle rock that used to give shelter to hunters and shepherds.

Geological spectacle and natural beauty

Forchet geo-educational trail in Sautens

About 3,000 years ago a rock slide caused 180m³ of rock to spread between Ambach and Sautens. Up until today a wild landscape can be found in this region that builds a distinctive contrast to the surrounding cultivated land in the front part of Ötztal.

Stuibenfall Umhausen

Fed by the Zwieselbach- and Grastal glaciers, Tyrol's biggest and most majestic waterfall runs down the mountain over 150 metres in two steps. A free, guided family hike with torches takes place every Wednesday from May to October. Lit by the torches, the waterfall will present itself from its most magical side.

Waterfun in Ötztal

The lidos and indoor pools as well as the bathing lakes in Ötztal are especially appealing to families. The nature gem that is Lake Piburg is located in an outstanding scenery and is a popular excursion destination for swimming and hiking. In midsummer, the water has a surface temperature of 24°C.

Ötztal offers many other exciting excursion destinations apart from Lake Piburg:

  • Aqua Dome Längenfeld
  • Sölden Leisure Arena
  • Längenfeld lido
  • Umhausen bathing lake 
  • Oetz adventure pool
  • Sautens lido
  • Area 47
  • Haiming forest lido

One and a half hours to Innsbruck or to Merano

Only a 1.5 hours’ drive away from Obergurgl you can visit Innsbruck with all its fascinating sights. In addition to the old town with the famous Golden Roof, the Hofburg Palace and the Hofburg Church it is worth visiting the Ambras Castle and the alpine zoo, both located on the outskirts of the city.

Fancy a bit of Mediterranean flair? A ca. 1.5 hours drive south on Timmesljoch High Alpine Road will get you to the spa city of Merano in South Tyrol. The idyllic old town is just delightful and invites you to a lovely stroll and culinary indulgence.

Do you want to know more about the Ötztal holiday region? Explore the historic sites of the Ötztal. You can obtain further information on all the excursion destinations in the Ötztal Alps as well as on current events in the Ötztal region at Chalet Obergurgl. For a charming holiday apartment in Obergurgl send your hosts, the Ribis family, your no obligation enquiry!